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We identify best practice technologies and services, build ROI models that support an investment, and share with those who could benefit the most.


  • We are a partner you can trust.
  • We are experts of our solutions.
  • We provide proven ROIs.
  • We offer technology-forward solutions.
  • We will provide you a clear path to success.
  • We are always learning new technology.
  • We are here to grow with you.


We are experts in modern farming. Navigating the landscape of technology is what we do. We have a clear view of how the farming needs of today will merge with the technology of tomorrow.

Whether it’s adding vertical canopy into an existing farm or building from the ground up, we are here to help. Technologies such as LED lighting, microbial biostimulants, or a chemical free IPM program are being implemented into all crop farming with immediate return on investment.


We serve commercial farms of all sizes. We appreciate and support the rural-regional CSA farm-to-table markets as much as large scale urban farms. We believe your plant food and medicine should come from where you live.

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